Bicycle Tail Lights – Safety First

It is always surprising how bicycle riders are sometime unaware of how little are seen by cars drivers at night. Recognizing an object when the Sun is out, takes more time, and the driver has to be closer to see it.

bicycle tail lights

So when somebody drives a car in the middle of the night, the bikes suddenly appear in front of them and it can end up in a crash accident, that can be fatal. And We know who is the most likely victim. On your bike you are the most fragile part of this equation. A friend of my used to say. “You are the only soft part here”. Clever Guy. So, how is the easiest, cheapest, and fastest way to minimize this? Star with a loyal friend: Bicycle Tail Lights

You have to see your self like a pedestrian. We tent to feel like we are another vehicle in the same situation, same rules, same right. We should, I really believe this

But in the are, We are not. Specially if you do not live in those bicycle-friendly cities out there in the world.

We have to take care of our selves

Saving your Life could be as Simple as This

Knowing that this is not the only thing you should do, it´s a really importan part of all this: Being Seen!

We are not talking here about wear bicycle gears here, plasma auras (even there is some cool bicycle plasma tail lights!) force shields, o even hiring Captain America (maybe also his clone, just to have both side of the bicycle covered) to protect our bikes and us from the cars at night. It´s a bit simpler, its just a light. Even a small led light can make the whole different, even though I personally recommend a minimum of 3 lights, and even better if they are leds lights. Also, try to have those that have flashing lights, because it´ll say to car drivers: “Hey, this is not a normal car light. Could be something else so pay attention, be careful”

It´s Cool, Come on!

Being Flashing in the middle of the night like a cool U.F.O. some advantages. Today´s Bicycle tail lights “dress up” your friend for adventures in many different ways, with many different colors, giving it some kind of great glow. (nice glow man!). We can almost feel like one of the actors from The Fast and the Furious movie!

bicycle tail lights

Well I am not completely sure about that but you get the point. There are even some tail lights with lasers, come on! It´s that cool or not?

Treat your Bicycle like a Car

Would you go out with your car if lights are now working properly? With not light at all? Probably not because it is a potential accident. If we also think that We have no chance, no defense or we´re just simply “the defense”, We would NEVER go out without the red light on our bikes.

We should treat the lack of lights the same way We would treat having a flat tire. We simply cannot ride it. I know it might sound too extreme, but once you turn this into a habit, a must, it would turn into something really normal, and you will feel unconfortable if you don´t have that tail lights. It will save your LIFE.

Some Tips for Tail Lights

Personally I prefer led flashing lights. Minimum of 3 leds. They are so bright that is almost impossible to see them directly (yes, I did that haha) There is another type of lights also, like laser. They generate some kind of square shape-like on the road that surrounds you while you ride, this is really awesome.

And crazy things like plasma-type light. They display some kind of crazy rays like those Tesla coil glass spheres. I bet a car will do pay attention to you in the night when he/she sees you riding like a crazy scientist who just got a great idea in his lab and had to go out in the middle of the night to “shape it out” 😀

Some useful type of tail lights are the rechargeable one, they tent to be a more expensive though. They normally have USB ports, so that you can charge them not only with a normal plug at home, but also with a computer. The advantage of these ones is that you do not have to carry extra batteries when you ride in the night. Or not knowing when their charge will be zero.

Before a long ride at night, you can plug your light in and you are ready to go. BUT…

It´s always about context right? So, sometimes lights that work with normal AA or AAA batteries are better for long rides, because you will be sure that you have your extra batteries in your pocket ;). Specially if you are planning to cross over the desert of Gobi right? 🙂 “A Plug Please?, Anyone?”

I also recommend the good all fashioned RED color. Most of the drivers are used to recognize the red light as a warning sing without even think about it. That is a plus when there is no time enough to completely recognize that´s a bycicle.

So, ALWAY Use Your Bicycle Tail Lights

  • There is not excuses for not using them:
  • They could Save you Life
  • Multiple Price Options
  • They are relatively small and they don´t take too much space off
  • You can pull the off and put it in a safe please if you need (specially the expensive ones)
  • They are really FUN!
  • Yes, You will feel like Vin Diesel or Michelle Rodriguez 😉



I hope you enjoy this post and you are at least a bit more aware about safety after reading this article.

Please, I would love to hear about you and your experience about this topic. Not a fancy one but It can and it will safe your like.

Also feel free to comment below this article to if you will.

Best Riding Wish


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