What Kind of Bicycle Should I Buy? – A Few Tips to Choose your Bike

One of the first questions we ask ourselves when we start rolling our bicycles, feeling that first enthusiasm and thinking “I love this!”, is well, what kind of bicycle should I buy?

We have to be clear about what we are going to use our bicycles for, as this will define the type of bike we are going to choose. For example, will we use it to go to work every day? Do we want to exercise, and achieve good health? Do we want to use it for competitions and races? And of course, something no less important, how much money we are willing to invest.

Responding to these answers, our decision will be easier and more precise.

We Want our Bike to Go for a Ride. A Leisure Activity

In this case, our option is clear and the cost will not necessarily be very high. Basic or “normal” equipment will do the job.

Cycling in Amsterdam

It is important that theriding position is as upright as possible, since it is the most comfortable position when riding. We don’t want to be in the position of a bike racer imitating a bullet! 🙂 When you have drop handlebars.

An Angled-back handlebars will help to be in a more upright and more comfortable position. And it will even allow us to see traffic more clear, a better view of the landscape and the city since we will have a better viewing angle. (That’s what we want when we go for a ride and relax, right?)

The Bike as a Means of Transportation. Bicycle Commuting

If our main activity with the bicycle will be as a means of transport, we have to take into account when deciding, on which terrain we will travel. We will also have to take into account whether we will complement the bicycle with another transport, for example the train, where we will have to carry it out.

Bicycle commuting – Vienna

It is also important to define the distances. Will they be short or long? For example, If we will use our bicycle as a means of transport with children or other loads (that did not sound too good :D, but you know what I mean, right?).

These types of bicycles, used to transport us, should be mainly comfortable, lightweight and that allows us to ride in a smoother way.

It will be under greater stress, soy they should be especially strong

One point to keep in mind is that in bicycles used as a means of transport and also bicycles for leisure, they should have fenders and chain protectors.

Possibly we will need some accessories to transport, for example rear rack and front basket

Using our Faithful Partner for Bicycle Touring.

Perhaps our main objective is to go out in a group when we do bicycle touring. In this case it is good to know what kind of level the bike of other members of the group will use for the trip.

It is better to have bike characteristics similar to those of the group. This will help us not to be left out of technical issues, for example.

bicycle touring for begginers

The main characteristics of a bicycle for Touring should be strong and reliable. It is also important that you have low and easy maintenance. And pay attention to the characteristics of the parts and make sure they are easy to get in most places where we will ride.

One question we must ask ourselves is: Will we use it only on paved roads? Will we use it only on the mountain? Or will it be a mixed use?

Generally speaking, perhaps the optimal bicycle for touring is the bicycle called “Hybrid”. That is, a mountain bike frame with large wheels and semi-smooth or light tread pattern that will help us a lot on the road

My Main Objective is to Get in Shape (Bring it on!).

It is important first that we know clearly the cycling style which we want to exercise with, since in general and luckily, any bicycle will be good for this!

But we will have to take into account the terrain that we will have available to exercise.

Logically the mountain bike is ideal for the mountain, and is also an excellent companion for bicycle touring in most cases.

But if the terrain on which we are going to exercise does not have many slopes, or dirt road, and is mostly a smooth road, it would be convenient to choose a road bike.

I want to Win this Race!

If you want to compete, it would be good to consider a slightly larger investment. Maybe this will be the first bike you want to buy. In this case it is good to start testing borrowed bike to see which one is right for you, and also to get to know the subject of competencies.

This practice is recommended since we will be investing in a bicycle of intensive use and it is ideal that it lasts for a long time. You don’t want to realize that you need to change it after try it a couple of competitions.

To summarize, if the idea is to compete and you are thinking of buying your first bicycle for this, invest a little more and acquire a bicycle according to the use. Keep in mind the stem should allow us a more aerodynamic position.


If you live in a city, most of the time you will be using your bicycle on paved terrain, I recommend you not to use tire larger than 1.8 inch wide and if possible semi-slick.

A clincher bicycle tire mounted on a wheel

But if you live in more mountainous terrain or use the bike on dirt roads and gravel roads it will surely be better to use mountain bike tires with treads.

Well, I’m just starting …

In this case our limit is still quite far. We will just feel the difference between a bicycle, say “common”, and a higher level bicycle when we are improving our performance and when we already have a good pedaling pace.

The last thing to keep in mind, and it is not extremely important is


The brand, is definitely not the greatest of the features. Today the equivalences between brands meet most of the requirements, and the choice of a brand will depend more on the person’s taste than on technical needs.

The measure

Since we do not have standard measurements in our body, that is, two people who measure equal 5.5 feet will surely have different measurements of legs, and arms. That is why we cannot say “for a person who measures x feet, he must have a square 16 with stem of 8 and straight handle”

That is why we should first see this frame measurement, for example if we measure 5.6 feet we can buy a frame 18, and after this, we have to see the other measures. Since, as we said recently, some people, with the same height, have the shorter torso and longer legs. We will improve this difference with the size of the stem and the location (forward / backward) of our seat.

The position of the seat post must be taken into account. It is necessary to verify that is inside the frame at least one third of its length since otherwise this could be dangerous for us. It is also dangerous for the frame as it could be broken


We all know that each person is unique, and different from the rest of us. Many times it has happened to us that what is perfect for us, for another person can be absolutely uncomfortable or unbearable.

There is a bicycle for everyone

The amount of money we can invest, the terrain where we ride our bike, the age, the strength, the skill, the attitude we face the challenge (even if we really see it as a challenge or not), the weather conditions, the city or place conditions, experience, and many other small things that add to our idea and response are unique.

You cannot transfer the sensations. This is why my advice is to discover yourself, the bicycle and your world, in a healthy way and in the best way you can.

So you can find the best bike that will accompany you in your exclusive adventure.

So, there you have it! Let me know what bike do you have and where you enjoy riding!

Best Riding



13 thoughts on “What Kind of Bicycle Should I Buy? – A Few Tips to Choose your Bike”

    1. Thank you Marian! Yes, I know what you mean, some times cities can be difficult to ride. Thank you for stopping by!The thing is trying always alternatives os we can still ride or bikes 😉

  1. Helpful post!
    You have provided a ton of useful information whether you are a beginner or a very competitive bike rider.
    I liked how you included the measure details because everyone is different, even if they happen to be the same height.
    Thanks for all the great tips!

    1. Thank you Jesse! Happy to know you liked it. Yes, at the end we are all differents. And you have to test for your self the bike. Glad to have you arround here Jesse!

  2. Hello Jason,
    Thank you for this thorough post filled with some great tips which can help anyone to make a good choice when choosing a bike.
    I’m not a bike fan, but I need one for my 6-year-old child who is going to school this year. And your advice will be of great help to me.
    Thank you for sharing!
    All the best!

    1. Hi there Sebastian, glad you liked our post. For you child I would suggest a “commuter bicycle”, the one with an upright sitting position for increased visibility. Also go for lights for increased visibility, mudguards or fenders to minimize the impact of inclement weather, a chain guard to protect clothing. Let me know how it goes! 🙂

  3. Really nice post and its helpful for me in deciding what kind of bicycle I want to purchase to be used for both leisure and transport. I think I’ll need a few accessories and I am also planning on using it for transport in the winter 😀

    Any recommendations for accessories if you’re going to be riding leisurely or transporting your toddler on a bike as well?

  4. Hi Jason, I have stumbled upon your article after trying to research more on how to cycle properly – was very happy with the info you provided. 🙂
    I am joining a ‘bike to work’ scheme so this is just the article I needed to get me going!
    Best wishes,

    1. HI there CLo! I am so happy I can help you. Yes, the bike to work is a hughe world and really can help us to save money, get to work on time, and at the same time putting us on shape 😉

  5. Thank you for all this information. I’ve thought about getting a bicycle before, but I have a bad back and fear it would be uncomfortable. My son rides BMX. I can remember way back in my elementary days everyone had to have a bike to be cool. Then in middle school, it wasn’t cool. In my old age, I’d just get one to save gas and not worry about cool.

    1. Amen Cathy! I know what you mean! Yes, sometimes society could be a bit crazy. I believe that biking should be exactly that, not worrying about nothing while you ride :). Thank you and keep riding!

  6. Thank you, Jason, for this very informative post about what bike should I buy. The article provides helpful tips and insightful information.
    I used to bike a lot several years before. Now I spend more time running than biking. However, I have to buy mountain bikes for my kids. Of course, I have to buy one for myself as well to bike with them, because they are 9 and 10 years old and I can’t let them bike by themselves. So, your post was very helpful regarding measure details, tires characteristics, weather conditions, and many more.

    1. Thank you Alexis for stopping by. I am glad you liked it, and it was helpful to you. And riding with the kids it´s a great experience!

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